In order to have an evaluation of property you wish to sell, you may proceed in one of the following ways:

  • arrange an appointment to bring the property directly to Incanto Auction House;
  • request a visit from our experts;
  • request a basic valuation by e-mail.

Apprasails and inventories

Incanto Auction House provides a service of written appraisals and inventories to suit a variety of needs, such as: insurance premium, hereditary divisions, private sales, authenticity certificates, etc.

Fees for written official documents depend on the value of the property and on the nature and amount of work involved, and are agreed upon with the Auction House each time.

Private purchase and sale

In the case you are not interested in selling or purchasing at an auction, Incanto’s can provide a service of private purchase and selling.

Through a net of art lovers and experts, dealers and collectors, Incanto Auction House puts the supply and demand in contact.
We can purchase and sell on behalf of third parties art and design objects, antiques and collecting items in general.