The auction house

“Incanto Arte Svela…” are the opening words of an anonymous XVI century sonnet discovered in an ancient manuscript.

Having grown up totally immersed in the beauty of the works of art that are an essential part of our culture, there was no choice but to let ourselves be enchanted…

We love art in every form and embodiment, from the perfection of the Classical shapes to the vitality of the Gothic flames, from the balance of the Renaissance orders to the vertigo of the Baroque spirals, from the paintings of the eighteenth-century landscape artists to the visionary spatial concepts of the twentieth century, up to the most recent avant-garde installations.

We believe Beauty is a value to be pursued in every aspect of life, be it through a painting, a piece of antique furniture, an item of design, a fine art glass, a jewel, a clock or a car.

We should all surround ourselves with objects of art and live under the enchantment of their Beauty. We should all share Art and Beauty with those close to us and, as Umberto Eco said, “Something is defined beautiful when if it were to belong to us, it would give us joy, but still does the same even when it belongs to someone else.”

Incanto Auction House is founded on the will and the need to share our passion for art with all those who wish to live the experience of interacting with beauty, culture, the design quality of an object, thus enriching one’s life.

The auction sale becomes a tool that enables art and design collectors and lovers alike to meet and exchange not only objects, but also experiences and emotions.

Over the years we have developed knowledge and expertise spanning every sector of the auction sales: furniture, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, majolica, china, silverware, glass, design, jewellery, clocks and cars.

The founding partners of Incanto come from different fields, but in regard to auction sales have all acquired their expertise in the renowned Della Rocca Auction House of Turin, one of the most esteemed in Italy.
Continuing the activity of auction house is Alessandra Fiorio, daughter of one its founders, in collaboration with Matteo Torresan and Stefano Cavallotto, former managing directors of its main sectors. This allows the experience and knowledge of the previous generations to merge in the newly founded Incanto, along with the desire to expand the activity.

The staff is equipped to assist private and religious institutions, collectors, experts in the field and amateur lovers both in the purchase and the sale of art objects and antiques, covering all sectors that may be of interest.

Our headquarters are situated in Piazzetta Maria Teresa, one of the most renowned and picturesque corners of the nineteenth century area in downtown Turin, inside a historical building which houses both our offices and showroom.

Incanto Arte Svela. We look forward to sharing the Enchantment of Art with you!